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Why online reviews could replace case studies

News articles, social media and infographics are all effective content marketing tools to attract the attention of online shoppers, but to win over on-the-fence consumers looking for more information about your product, case studies are a definite must-have.

However, more and more consumers are placing their trust in online reviews to see what it’s like doing business with any given brand.

Consumers are turning to the internet to conduct further research before they buy a product. A recent study by Pardot found that almost 80 per cent of B2B consumers looking for further information go to search engines such as Google.

Online forums have become a key part of the decision-making process, with almost 80 per cent of American adults saying these reviews impact their purchasing decisions, according to Ipsos.

Case studies offer a far more detailed review of your product, and are often available on the brand’s website. They are a popular choice with B2B businesses, with 73 per cent adopting the technique, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Case studies are often viewed suspiciously, says Co-founder and CEO of TrustRadius, Vinay Bhagat, in an article he contributed to the Content Marketing Institute blog.

Since case studies are organised by the brand and only tell the benefits of a product, not its limitations, Bhagat believes online reviews are a better alternative.

In general, consumers trust the opinion of someone they can relate to. Econsultancy recently conducted a study using A/B testing and found when basic details such as gender, age and location were included in reviews, there was a 22 per cent increase in product page add-to-basket conversion rates.

Encouraging consumers to write reviews of your product on online forums or the review section on your website is a great way to build trust in your brand.

However, case studies give the in-depth details of your product that many consumers are looking for, something online reviews often lack. Therefore, case studies are still incredibly effective and are definitely worth including in your content marketing strategy.

Posted by Dylan Brown