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Why Pinterest deserves a place in your content marketing strategy

Facebook and Twitter often take the spotlight when it comes to marketing on social media, but brands should also keep an eye out for the photo-sharing site Pinterest, which has recently proven itself to be a powerful content marketing tool.

Pinterest has become a popular destination for users wanting to share photos, especially amongst ecommerce sites and mobile apps. The pinboard-themed site allows its users to easily save photos and share them with friends.

A recent study by Gigya looked into sharing on various social media platforms during this year's Q3. The results showed that Pinterest has become a key player in social sharing. 

Although Facebook and Twitter came in at first and second, Pinterest occupied an impressive 20 per cent of all sharing on social media, an increase of 4 per cent since Q2.

Facebook experienced an overall decrease of 9 per cent last quarter, dropping down to 41 per cent. This is most likely due to an increase in sharing on Pinterest and Twitter.

The most shocking statistics, however, reflect Pinterest's influence on ecommerce sites and mobile apps. The site came in at number one, taking home 41 per cent of all shares, compared with Facebook's 37 per cent and Twitter's 12 per cent.

Brands with an ecommerce site or mobile app should definitely look into the different social media marketing opportunities available in order to target these users.

Australian businesses can definitely make the most of this situation too, considering 470,000 Australians use Pinterest, according to Frank Media.

However, it is important to remember the site is dominated by a female audience. According to a recent infographic by Fast Code Design, 79 per cent of Pinterest users are women.

Although these results have revealed Pinterest to be a key player in social media marketing, it does also show how rapidly the industry can change depending on social trends.

Brands should invest in these popular social networking sites, but also be prepared to act quickly if and when the game changes.

Posted by Dylan Brown