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Why quality – not content – is king

There is a common saying amongst internet marketing gurus about content being king. And in terms of generating user interest it certainly is an important part of any business' online strategy.

But according to a post by writer Devin Coldewey on TechCrunch, the time may have come for this attitude to change.

Some of the largest problems faced by web designers in the past has been the variety of operating systems and the differences in browser capabilities.

These issues have meant that – until recently – websites have been limited to a 'least-worst' approach to design. This results in pages that display more or less the same way across the range of devices available to the end readers.

However, standard HD screen resolutions and advanced coding techniques – such as HTML 5 – mean that these barriers have been all but removed.

A second point raised by Coldewey is that online users – referring mainly to early adopters in their 30s – have been putting up with bad design in exchange for good content.

But since the internet "went mainstream", it has attracted attention from consumers who are used to the pleasing designs and layouts seen in glossy magazines.

These new customers are less likely to read articles published on – or buy from – sites that appear anything less than "traditionally reliable".

So now both the technology and the demand for what Coldewey calls a "beautiful internet" are both here.

The important news for business owners is that if their content strategy fails to take these changes into account, then their online presence – in terms of readership, advertising and sales revenue – may start to fall off in the long term.

Firms that are willing to invest "in more than lip service to good design", may well reap the benefits that custom news and premium web design can offer.