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Why you should be blogging about your good deeds

Content marketing can be a great tool for helping your target audience learn more about your business.

If you have an active blogging and social media strategy, you can talk about your history and your values, share inspiring stories and promote your corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

And while there is no substitute for having a good product, being a good corporate citizen goes a long way with customers, according to a new study.

Researchers at the American Marketing Association found that people with a negative impression of a brand will change their minds when they find out that same brand supports worthy causes.

Participants of the study were asked to imagine visiting a coffee shop, having to wait a long time to receive their beverage, and when it finally arrived, being given the wrong order. Anger and annoyance were some of the feelings the participants commonly expressed, as well as having wished they had visited a different coffee shop.

[pullQuote position=”right”]If customers know about your support for worthy causes they may be more likely to buy from you and more forgiving of poor service[/pullQuote]However, some of the participants were then told that the coffee shop donated money to environmental causes, and as a result they were immediately more forgiving. Not only did the participants feel less disappointed in the poor service, some even experienced guilt for their harsh judgement, and others said they would return in the future.

The study follows separate research suggesting brands that support good causes can experience higher sales.

In a world of Yelp and TripAdvisor, negative feedback can reach more people in less time than ever before. As well as responding to complaints and making improvements in levels of service, brands might also consider bolstering their CSR credentials to protect their reputations and their bottom lines.

When you have a genuine and active CSR policy, you need to make sure people hear about it. Creating original content for your website, blog and social media can play a vital role in that process.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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