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Why you should be considering a Google News submission

There are various steps that you can take to make sure your content has maximum visibility online – and making a Google News submission is one of them.

You might have used the Google News feature for personal searches on a number of occasions, but did you know that it can bring clear benefits to your business?

We take a look at some of the ways in which a submission could give your online presence a much-needed boost.

Give your company exposure

A successful application to Google News will create much greater brand awareness – people who might not otherwise have come across your website can be directed there by carrying out a search.

Once people start to find articles on topics they are interested in, the chances of them returning to your site on a regular basis increase.

In turn, they might share the original content they read with friends via social media and other channels, therefore increasing interest in your products and services.

Building links

Many information distributors will use Google News to go in search of sources, so if your site is listed, this can only enhance your exposure.

Anyone who uses your content should attribute it correctly, giving your articles more scope than if they'd simply been left on your website on the off chance someone might stumble across them!

Indexing articles

One of the best features of Google News is that it works quickly – it takes just a matter of minutes between you uploading an article and it featuring on the listings.

Anyone who is going in search of information on a certain topic will, providing they input the right search terms, come across your article much quicker.

This can bring enormous benefits to your reputation – and not to mention increase the number of repeat visitors.

Posted by Emma Furze