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Why you should make the most of ‘Google My Business’

Small businesses often get the short end of the stick when it comes to content marketing, losing out to the bigger, more experienced marketing teams of their competitors.

But ever since the introduction of its Hummingbird algorithm, Google has had its heart set on giving smaller businesses more exposure by improving local search results.

Google’s brand new feature – Google My Business – could give small businesses a shot at competing with the big guns.

Google My Business allows businesses to manage important information, such as their location or opening hours, all from one place.

Google already has similar tools like this, such as Google+ Local, which shows listings of local business alongside a 5-point review system.

The only difference with Google My Business is that now all Google’s features are grouped together and can be updated from the same online portal.

Businesses can interact with their community of fans on Google+, as well as manage reviews and view analytics, all from one dashboard.

But unlike Google+ Local, Google My Business also gives brands that aren’t based in any particular location, such as music groups or online retailers, opportunity too. The tool allows businesses to choose from three options – ‘The Storefront’, ‘Service Area’ and ‘Brand’.

Google’s other existing features such as Google Places and Google+ Pages will automatically be upgraded to Google My Business.

These changes are clearly what Google has had in mind for a while. The search engine has been making it easier for consumers to find out information about businesses, and last week Google released a similar feature that allows businesses to merge their Google+ Business Pages with their locations on Google Maps.

Making the most of these features is definitely worthwhile. The more active you are across multiple platforms, the more likely you are to show you on Search, Google+, and Maps results.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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