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Why you should start sharing news articles on Facebook

If your business is already producing industry news and blogs, it’s definitely a good idea to start sharing them on social platforms.

Not only will this boost brand awareness, it should also give your site some extra traffic.

Facebook is by far the best channel to start sharing news on, but sites such as Twitter and YouTube also have high demand for news content.

Facebook has become so influential for sharing breaking news that when the site went down a few weeks ago, overall referral traffic to news sites dipped 3 per cent, according to Chartbeat, and 8.5 per cent for mobile news readers.

In fact, this caused such panic amongst its users that LA’s Sheriff Department sent out a tweet saying they could do nothing about the outage, and asked people to stop calling.

Facebook has taken on such prominence for news that many consumers are using it as their primary source of news.

In the US, 64 per cent of adults are active on Facebook, according to a study conducted earlier this year by Pew Research, and 30 per cent of these users find news on the site.

Out of these news readers, only 34 per cent follow news corporations, which means most people come across news articles because their friends have liked or shared it.

However, it is important to point out that the majority of consumers don’t go to Facebook seeking news, with 78 per cent saying they log on to the site for other reasons.

This means ample opportunity for largely unknown brands conducting content marketing to build up a strong reputation in their industry.

However, the competition is tough. The study found people have very low loyalty or engagement to the sites they land on, so brands will need to act quickly to win their attention.

As well as making use of a variety of social channels, it is also a good idea to make use Google News by signing up to the Publisher Center.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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