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Why you should target your Christmas Twitter campaign toward younger consumers

With Christmas just around the corner, many brands using content marketing are taking to social media to target online consumers – but narrowing your aim down to young shoppers might be your best bet.

Although popular microblogging site Twitter attracts millions of people from all different demographics, recent statistics have shown that the majority of Twitter users are on the younger side.

A recent study by Statista looked into the age of users on social networking sites Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The results showed that half of Twitter's unique visitors are between 13 and 34 years old.

In recent years there has been an increase in older users active on social media. Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have become incredibly popular among older consumers, but Twitter is still dominated by a younger audience.

Twitter is not only good for increasing brand awareness, but it has also been proven to influence purchasing decisions. With an increasing number of people in their late teens to early 30s on the site, there is a great opportunity to capitalise on Twitter's power this holiday season.

Social networking has changed the way modern-day consumers shop. Twitter recently commissioned a study with research company DB5, which showed these younger consumers are turning to Twitter during all stages of shopping, from planning and research to purchasing.

The study interviewed 2,000 US holiday shoppers, and found many use Twitter to plan and share gift ideas. The results revealed that 30 per cent of Twitter users began thinking about holiday shopping before October, and 55 per cent of users discuss gift ideas.

Changing your social marketing strategy to attract these younger users can also help boost sales. Two-thirds of Twitter users reportedly discovered a new product on the site, while 57 per cent said they use the site to determine where to shop.

When it comes down to the making the purchase, 64 per cent of users said they have bought a product because of what they've seen on Twitter. The study also found that 62 per cent tweet about the purchases they've made.

Modern consumers use Twitter as a source of information. In order to reach these younger users your brand must have an online presence to appear credible.

Posted by Dylan Brown