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Why you shouldn’t give up on Facebook just yet

As you’ve probably already heard, Facebook has been struggling as of late to maintain the interest of its younger users, with millions of teenagers reportedly leaving the site year-over-year.

Of course, this is of growing concern for brands who rely on the site as a part of their content marketing strategy, but recent statistics have shown Facebook still has a strong grasp over the coveted teen market.

A new report from Pew Research Center has revealed Facebook is used by an impressive 73 per cent of those aged between 12 and 17, compared to 57 per cent of adults, proving that the site is still clearly popular with younger users.

Last year the social media superpower caused panic among brands who use the site for their social media marketing campaigns, after Facebook admitted to losing a lot of its younger users to other media such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman revealed in the Q3 Earnings Call that they’ve seen a “decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens”

Recently there was a study published by iStrategy Labs which revealed the site had lost 3 million teenagers over the past three years, and 11 million young people altogether.

It is undisputable that the site is losing a proportion of its teenage users, but it is yet to be determined how much of an impact it will have on the site as a whole.

This Pew study shows us that, although Facebook may be losing a portion of its younger market, the majority is still active. The study found that users in general have become more active, with 64 per cent logging onto their accounts on a daily basis, up from 51 per cent in 2010.

It is important to remember the very nature of social media is evolving. Users are are becoming engaged in multiple social networking sites, not just one. Although it is unclear what the future holds for social media, it is clear that Facebook isn’t going anywhere just yet.

Posted by Dylan Brown