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Why your company needs a Facebook page

For many companies, setting up a Facebook page is something they've thought about but simply have never got round to.

However, there are immediate benefits to having a presence on social media, so putting a business page together is something you need to consider doing sooner rather than later.

Here are some of the main advantages to making your brand known through Facebook campaigns, which could give you a head start over the competition.

Low-cost marketing

Putting up a Facebook for business page is one of the few low-cost marketing strategies you are likely to be faced with – so make the most of it!

Every time you launch a new campaign, you can get people's opinions before it goes live, therefore giving you an insight into just how successful it is likely to be.

Interact with customers

Facebook provides you with a platform to interact with current and potential customers, which can be invaluable for any company.

Finding out their views on new products and services can help focus your efforts, while giving a place for customers to express their opinions can help you mitigate any potential PR disasters.

Create meaningful relationships

It is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to generate meaningful relationships with their customers, which is where Facebook can come in useful.

Consumers like to know that they have a two-way interaction with companies, which in turn is likely to mean they return to your business time and time again.

Gain access to data

The more your business page grows, the greater access you will have to data relating to how people are interacting with your brand.

Such information is invaluable to a business, not least because it will give a greater insight into the demographics they should be targeting and their particular interests.

Posted by Emma Furze