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Why your company should connect up with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform known for its networking opportunities, allowing users to connect with other professionals, find employment and get updated industry insights.

It’s not only a fantastic tool to help grow your professional network though; it can also prove helpful as part of your company’s social media marketing strategy.

Jon Tucker, senior strategist at Compete Marketing Group, noted that while Facebook and Twitter are used by businesses to reach typical consumer markets, LinkedIn is used to reach business to business customers and professionals.

Create a Company Page to provide information about your products and services, and keep your followers updated with the latest key developments in your business.

You can also use your LinkedIn page to market your business to the community, raising awareness of your brand, educating potential customers on what you have to offer and promoting career opportunities.

It’s easy to get your page set up, with no confusing design elements that need to be dealt with.

First, create your company profile, sharing your story, so that customers, industry insiders and job seekers can learn about your brand.

LinkedIn also allows companies to add a products and services tab so that you can catch the attention of customers by featuring content that would be relevant to your target audience.

You can also invite your customers to recommend your products or services, with these recommendations providing an “authentic endorsement” so that potential buyers feel more confident about making a purchase.

According to a post from Chad Pollitt of Kuno Creative, LinkedIn can be used for social media marketing for a number of reasons, including increasing your brand’s visibility, lead generation and targeted ads.

Pollitt states that LinkedIn allows you to put ads in front of individuals who you’d “consider to be the most qualified prospects”, such as chief executive officers, human resource executives and chief financial officers.

Connect your company up with LinkedIn to build your presence with professionals online!

Posted by April Revake.