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Why your website needs custom news

Visit any website these days and the chances are you will find a custom news feed – if your site is without one, it's time to ask yourself why.

Although a custom news feed no doubt has aesthetic advantages to a webpage, it also performs many practical functions as well.

Here we look at some of the benefits that news can bring not only to your site, but also to your company's image as a whole.

Search engine optimisation

SEO – or search engine optimisation to give it its full title – is important for any website, as this is what helps people find it in the first place.

Having a customised feed gives you the opportunity to make a Google News submission, which also has the potential to boost your rankings.

With competition in search results higher than ever, can your business really afford to lose out to its competitors?

Create a sense of authority

People like companies that present themselves as being knowledgeable, which is exactly what a news feed can achieve.

By commenting on the latest goings on in Australia and beyond, you can give the appearance that you are ahead of the pack – surely this can only work to your advantage!

Repeat visitors

If people recognise that they can find news on your website, the chances are they will be more likely to return time and time again.

For example, if you are an IT company that runs the latest stories from the sector, people with an interest in this area will visit your site to catch up on the latest headlines.

This is invaluable for anyone running an e-commerce operation, as it increases the amount of time spent on the site, therefore making it more likely that they will browse product pages.

Perhaps the question you should be asking yourself if not why you need a custom news feed, but why not?

Posted by Emma Furze