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WikiLeaks leaks Santa’s naughty list

In the five years since YouTube launched it has brought us some real video classics from the Star Wars Kid to the Obama Girl. The latest hit on the world's most popular video-sharing website is a spoof about WikiLeaks leaking Santa's naughty list.

A genius idea, nicely executed with the help of a team of very cute and talented child actors. It will no doubt be earning some valuable viral links for Rooster Teeth, the comic book, games and video site that put it together.

In the video short, a group of kids is seen holding a playground summit to discuss the latest WikiLeaks disclosure. All their misdemeanours, from stolen cookies to spilt juice, have been published online for the world – and Santa – to see. "I have to call my lawyer", one of the kids announces.

It's an entertaining video and worth a look. It also highlights the advantage of using the news agenda to develop your own original content.

With WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange having been in court in the last week, interest in the whistle-blowing website has been at an all time high.

The publicity surrounding Mr Assange's arrest and subsequent legal battle created more buzz around his site than any of the batches of confidential government information it has released over the past year or so.

You could argue that Rooster Teeth's little festive spin-off is actually far more interesting than most of the diplomatic tittle-tattle in WikiLeaks' most recent exposé, but with the site dominating the news agenda and driving search trends around the world, it's a great time to pitch in with some relevant content.

It doesn't have to be a video of course. A piece of evergreen content like a timeline, an exclusive interview or an editorial with an interesting new angle on the story can get other sites linking to you and sending traffic and Google juice in your direction.