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Wikipedia has links removed as a result of the ‘right to be forgotten’

The idea of content marketing centres around increasing the amount of quantity and quality online content out there, and thus providing consumers with relevant and engaging information.

But there could soon be some limitations on what brands can share, at least in Europe.

The popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which is dedicated to increasing the amount of online content, is having links taken away from its site as a result of the so called ‘right to be forgotten’.

The Wikipedia Foundation recently announced that Google has removed more than 50 links from

The right to be forgotten ruling was passed earlier this year by the European Court of Justice. The court ordered search engines such as Google to remove search results that are deemed no longer relevant.

As of 18th July, Google has received more than 91,000 removal requests (involving more than 328,000 URLs) and around 50 per cent of these have been approved.

Wikipedia has strongly opposed the ruling, saying it is preventing people from accessing accurate information – something its founders say is a right.

“As a consequence, accurate search results are vanishing in Europe with no public explanation, no real proof, no judicial review, and no appeals process.” said The Wikimedia Foundation’s Executive Director, Lila Tretikov.

“The result is an internet riddled with memory holes-places where inconvenient information simply disappears.” she went on to say.

Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales also spoke out against the ruling at this years Wikimania Conference, saying that it shouldn’t be up to a company (such as Google) to censor historical events.

“History is a human right and one of the worst things that a person can do is attempt to use force to silence another.” Wales said.

To demonstrate their opposition to the ruling, Wikipedia has created a page that shows all links that have been removed, or attempted to be removed.

In the future, we could see the amount of information available to European internet users becoming increasingly censored, and as a result, brands reach to online consumers could start to disintegrate.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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