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Will Justin Bieber set a new social media world record?

Not only does today (March 1) mark the start of a new season, it also the birthday of pop sensation Justin Bieber.

This year the boy wonder is turning 18 and fans have set out to break a Guinness World Record to mark the occasion.

Bieber supporters will attempt to send the most social media messages in a 24-hour period.

A birthday landing page has been established by the creators of fansite and features Facebook integration so that fans can RSVP to the event.

The website even boasts the tagline: "What do you give someone who already has everything? A Guinness World Record!"

Fans are invited to participate by sending personalised messages to their idol via the website, along with photos and videos.

Bieber has a long-established social media presence – his official YouTube channel has 2.3 billion views and he currently holds the world record for the video with the single most views on the website for his song Baby.

To date, the video clip has been viewed 711,104,262 times and has attracted seven million comments, one million likes and more than two million dislikes.

While Bieber celebrated his fifth YouTube anniversary on January 15, the teen star also has 40.8 million "likes" on Facebook and 17.8 million Twitter followers, where he also holds a regular position among the top trending topics around the world.

And in 2010, his was the most popular name searched for on Google.

Social media has had such an effect on the young star's life that his movie Never Say Never took out second place in the Social Media Influencer Awards presented by the Social Media Society.

Posted by Elise Ferrari