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Women to share more fresh content on the internet during Olympics than men

We all know that women love to talk. Whether it’s over coffee, on the phone or in person, it's a common stereotype that most girls enjoy chatting.

Yet the latest research reveals that it's not just speaking that the gals enjoy. Apparently they are just as conversational over the internet.

A study by has predicted that women will share more fresh content such as Tweets on Twitter, posts on Facebook and pins on Pinterest over the Olympic Games 2012 than men.

This website – which specialises in helping users find the best deals on electronic products – conducted a survey about the Olympics.

According to the results, 58 per cent of females indicated that they would be using social media very often or often, compared to only 41 per cent of males.

President and editor-in-chief of TechBargains Yung Trang said that both genders would be using social networks, just in different ways.

"Not only do we anticipate women to be more active than men on social media during the Olympics, but we expect men and women to interact differently with social media platforms and to do so on different devices," he said in a press release yesterday (July 23).

While this is just a small study, it does come after earlier research that supports the same conclusions – more girls are on social media than guys.

A New York based social media marketing company called Digital Flash recently published an infographic that revealed some interesting statistics.

According to its research, 56 per cent of American women are social network users. Females also dominate across all of the most popular platforms, with 64 per cent on Twitter, 58 per cent on Facebook and 82 per cent on Pinterest.

Men, however, have the upper hand on sites such as LinkedIn, Google+ and Reddit.

Posted by Jess O'Connor