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Women’s football world cup final breaks Twitter record

When Twitter began in 2006, could anyone have guessed that the most tweeted-about event between now and then would be a women's world cup football final?

Perhaps the bigger question is could anyone have guessed that an event of any kind would stimulate 7,196 tweets per second (TPS) and send a Twittersphere that started so humbly into worldwide overdrive?

Both occurred on Sunday (July 17) as Japan defeated the USA in a thrilling final that capped a remarkable tournament. For the record, the Japanese scored an equalising goal with just three minutes of extra time remaining to make it two-all and then won a tense penalty shootout. These were the moments that sent tweeters wild.

It was one of the most successful sporting events ever held as near-capacity crowds, massive television audiences and ongoing social media frenzy can attest to. The standard of football and the event's organisation spoke for itself, but millions of people were happy to sing its praises too – British press dubbed it "the grown-up world cup".

These days, the fastest way to discover if something has truly captured peoples' imaginations is to check its search and social media impact. Tweets, Facebook likes, hits and Google +1s will reveal the story faster and more accurately than the most comprehensive survey conducted.

Amazingly the Copa America quarter final between Brazil and Paraguay also set a record for second place, reaching a peak of 7,166 TPS. To put things in perspective, the two football highlights out-rank occasions such as the death of Osama Bin Laden and, indeed, the Japanese earthquake. The Japan-USA game, however, may have significantly influenced a nation overjoyed by having something positive to cheer and tweet about.

It all points to Twitter's growing strength in the market and again highlights the potential benefits of a dynamic approach to social media marketing for businesses.