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Wondering what to do with old tweets? An Aussie start-up is bringing new meaning to the term fresh content in the form of a Twitter roll

It seems that there are still times when our off- and online worlds converge despite an increasingly internet-dependent lifestyle.

But only an Aussie company could come up with an idea quite as original as a Twitter toilet paper.

Collector's Edition – a local start-up – is showing bigger businesses how to get noticed on social media using humour.

An initial foray into cyber-land came about after a few false starts and then a breakthrough in the form of a "digital shrine" to the word mate.

A series of videos posted on Tumblr attracted more than 200,000 views in less than a week, which the brands creators David Gillespie and Johnny Mair described as a "resounding success".

However, the short films did more than just gain attention – they also helped to build an audience and fan base. In the land of marketing this means that they now have paying customers who are willing to put money where their mouth is for a taste of Aussie satire.

So it is not surprising that the team's latest initiative is a little more daring and ready to push the envelope, but still true to its self-depreciating comedic roots.

And while some people may not like the idea of using personalised toilet paper, others have been keen to jump on board the latest consumer fad known as Twitter toilet paper – literally toilet paper with your tweets printed on it.

"There's almost no money to be made in custom printing of toilet paper," explained David Gillespie, a co-founder of the start-up.

"But if we make people smile, then we feel good; we feel we've done our job."

Gillespie is now based in New York, but the idea for the project transcended physical borders, with members of the organisation also based in Sydney and Toronto.

When asked about whether he had ever use the customised toilet paper, he said: "The rule in start-ups is you gotta chew your own dog food, so if you wanna use that analogy, we've certainly been chowing down."

Posted by Aimee McBride