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WordPress releases official Facebook sync app

WordPress have launched an application that can automatically reproduce a post on a dedicated Facebook campaigns page.

Spokesman Scott Berkun made the announcement on the publishing system's blog on Monday (August 8). In it, he discussed why previous versions of the app – named Publicize – were only able to push updates to an owner's profile.

The new options available allow writers and bloggers to choose whether a post is distributed via either of these channels, enabling website owners to automatically drive traffic through more sources.

Apps like this offer publishers a big time-saving device by making their content available through multiple points of contact – the backbone of any good social marketing strategy.

This in turn allows firms to engage with consumers on their own terms – and with their permission – in an effort to form a more lasting, personal interest connection.

But the past experiences of some high-profile companies have shown that there is a limit to what a bot may achieve.

In May 2011, the New York Times stripped out its automatic Twitter feed generator in favour of updates generated by human users. The reasons given were that people gave them better control over the content, could engage in conversations with other users and could provide direct feedback in a more timely and accurate manner.

A good example of this in Australia is the 2011 census team making use of tweets to promote the use of online channels to complete the mandatory survey.

Their combination of interesting statistics and tongue-in-cheek social commentary meant that the public servants behind the Twitter campaigns channel were able to gain upwards of 14,000 followers with only 146 posts.

In the end it comes down to a matter of value – just how much is your time worth? Do the savings gained by using an automated feed generator outweigh the benefits of having a real live human control online communications?