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Yahoo! changes the way it does content

As one of the world's leading content providers, it is not surprising to get wind of news that the team at Yahoo! are making changes to the way they rank and distribute information.

In an announcement made earlier this week (January 2) the search engine and publisher told developers that the introduction of new and improved analytic tools meant that they would be closing their Term Extraction service on March 31, 2012.

Peter Levinson, product manager for Yahoo! Content Analysis, said that in order to remain competitive and create memorable online experiences more recognition needed to be paid to the fact that unique content can be understood in a scalable and algorithmic way.

"Today we're pleased to open our content analysis technology to the world to help developers build on their own fantastic experiences for their sites and users," he wrote in an official statement.

The new Yahoo! Content Analysis service will retain some of the features of its predecessor, as well as general upgrades.

According to Levinson it will provide advanced content analysis on text or a URL, increase the influence of key terms on machine-learned ranking (MLR) technology and search results.

He said: "The output you receive contains the keywords and their ranks along with other actionable metadata."

Yahoo! also suggested that these changes would improve overall user engagement by improving links between key terms, objects and existing metadata.

"Having this entity-object connection allows for the creation of highly engaging users experiences. The Y! Content Analysis output provides related Wikipedia IDs for key terms when they can be confidently identified. This enables interoperability with linked data on the semantic Web," Levinson explained.

So far the new service has yet to be fully launched and brands wanting to trial its changes to their content analysis will need to use the request format.

Posted by Aimee McBride