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Yahoo gets a boost in search shares

Last month Firefox switched things up a little, kicking Google to the curb and announcing a brand new partnership with Yahoo as the browser’s default search engine.

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Meyer made it clear that she harboured no grand hopes for the agreement, instead hoping it would make a small but important difference to the current search make up.

It turns out her expectations were right. While the change only took place in the US, and only for the new version of Firefox, there has been a significant change in search over the past two weeks.

According to new statistics released by StatCounter, Yahoo received three times as much use through the Firefox 34 version than through the older version.

On the old Firefox browser Yahoo occupied 9.64 percent of search, but as the default search engine on the updated browser, Yahoo’s search shares shot up to 29.40 percent.

Google on the other hand experienced a dip of around 20 percent.



“Firefox 34 is still being rolled out so its usage is currently quite low. It will be interesting to see how this develops,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.

But Firefox isn’t the only browser that might soon part ways with Google.

According to The Information, Google’s agreement with Safari is up for renewal next year, and Apple is mulling over which search engine to partner with.

Yahoo’s search engine is currently powered by Bing, but the fact that they are competing with Bing to land a deal with Apple suggests that Yahoo might be wanting to do search themselves.

If successful, Yahoo would have access to Apple’s massive audience of desktop and mobile devices who have a built-in safari browser, and it could reshape how we do SEO.

Being the worlds most popular search engine by a long shot, as well as having the most popular browser, Google Chrome, these changes are unlikely to threaten Google’s position, but in time we could see the search share diversifying.

Posted by Dylan Brown