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Yahoo partners with Yelp to help localised search

Localised search is being treated like the holy grail by major search engine superpowers, with Google, Bing and Yahoo all trying to crack the code to provide accurate local listings.

In its latest bid to attract more search users to its site, Yahoo recently partnered up with the popular online review site Yelp. If successful, Yahoo could open up fresh opportunities for brands conducting content marketing.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to break the news that President and CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer sealed the deal in a meeting last week.

This new partnership means Yahoo will now include Yelp’s local reviews and listings into their search results.

Mayer obviously believes Yelp has huge potential for local search. When Mayer worked for Google, she was rumoured to be involved in Google’s failed attempt at acquiring Yelp back in 2009.

Yahoo’s search engine is currently powered by Bing, an arrangement Mayer is reportedly unhappy with. But Mayer is said to have two top secret initiatives hidden up her sleeve designed to get Yahoo back in the search game, and this new Yelp partnership could definitely help.

Although it is unclear if Yahoo could ever become the popular search engine it once was,  some believe they could have a shot at the mobile market. Smartphone users require fast local results, so if Yahoo creates something that provides this, they could become incredibly popular.

In what seems like an attempt to be more compatible with mobile users – or perhaps out of sheer coincidence – Yelp has made major changes to its website. The new site now offers larger photos and a brand new, easy-to-navigate layout.

Although the benefits of Yahoo’s partnership with Yelp will not be immediate, this could be an incredibly profitable relationship in the future.

Localised search means many small and medium businesses get the opportunity to shine in their local area. Search engines are paying closer attention to the user’s location, so local businesses are often deemed more relevant (and thus get higher search rankings) than larger, national brands.

Brands looking to make the most of localised search will need to establish themselves online. The best way to do this is by creating a content marketing strategy designed at targeting consumers in their local community.

Posted by Dylan Brown