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Yahoo successfully taps into the mobile market

There has been a lot of speculation recently over Yahoo’s latest movements. While some believe the ageing internet icon no longer has a place in today’s Google-dominated field of search, others believe it has a shot with the coveted mobile market.

Yahoo’s recent progress on mobile front could make it a useful content marketing tool for reaching smartphone users.

This week Yahoo released its Q1 earnings report, which revealed a total revenue of $1.3 billion so far this year.

The GAAP revenue went down 1 per cent year-over-year, but there was a small increase in ex-TAC revenue.

Although the financial success of this last quarter is debateable, Yahoo’s ambitious CEO Marissa Mayer believes the company is on the right track.

“I am really pleased by our first quarter performance, marking our best Q1 revenue ex-TAC since 2010.” she said.

Earlier this year rumour got out that Mayer had two secret initiatives up her sleeve designed to get the company back in the search game.

One of the fields that Yahoo was thought to have a shot at was with the mobile market, and according to Mayer, it is already successful in that sector.

“And, with mobile pivotal to our future growth, we’re delighted to now see more than 430 million monthly mobile users accessing Yahoo’s new products.” Mayer said at the earnings report.

It is also rumoured that Yahoo is hoping to take on YouTube. According to Recode, Yahoo has been trying to poach some of YouTube’s famous stars and networks.

By converting some of YouTube’s talent to their side, Yahoo may attract more mobile users to its site.

If Yahoo experiences the growth Mayer is gunning for, they could become widely successful with smartphone users. Therefore, Yahoo may soon earn itself a place in many brands content marketing strategies.

Posted by Dylan Brown