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Yahoo! updates Image Search adding social sharing to photo service

Photo sharing is the new 'it' activity on the internet and it is fast becoming one of the leading forms of online communication.

And while hipsters are busy experimenting with a range of different filter options designed to make even a simple composition artistic, a number of people like to send visual reminders of the simple things in life.

It will not come as a surprise, therefore, to learn that a number of brands with a strong online presence are looking at ways people can search for images.

For example, Yahoo! is doing its best to keep up with user trends announcing a number of updates to its own image search.

A recent post (December 5) on the brand's blog informed users that new features such as social sharing and continuous scrolling would make it easier to find the images people want to see – and fast.

Girish Ananthakrishnan, image and video search product team spokesperson, said the changes would enable users to share their Facebook and Twitter photos.

"By clicking on the image from the search results page, users can browse effortlessly through full-size images via the desktop browser and share their preferred network of family and friends," he asserted.

Along with social sharing the company has also taken on board user feedback and tweaked its other services.

The continuous scrolling option means that users can "scroll down the Yahoo! Image search results to see more and more photos".

Whether you are looking for breaking news images or photos from a friend's event it will be possible to type in your search term and keep browsing until you stumble across the relevant item.

Available in four sections – Top Images, Latest, Galleries and Facebook – the feature combines to provide users with what Yahoo! calls a "more immersive search experience".

But the only way to find out is to jump online, trial the new functions and make a note about whether they could improve the way you share and search for information.

Posted by Aimee McBride