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Your assumptions could be killing your content strategy [INSIGHT]

The internet is flooded with new content every day, making it more and more difficult for brands to reach and engage the right people.

That challenge is even bigger if you don’t have a clear enough idea of who your target audience is, what they’re interested in and what they’re searching for online.

Building a good understanding of who will buy your product, where they spend their time and how you can get and keep their attention are crucial parts of any content marketing strategy. If you crack that, you’ll be able to use content to drive awareness, develop relationships and increase sales.

But it’s very easy to get it wrong. If you take search, for example, a common mistake is to spend time and money creating content around keywords you would search for yourself, when your customers may use very different terms to describe what they want.

Data driven content marketing

There will always be limits to what the data can tell you, which means you’ll have to trust your experience and your instincts to some degree. But common assumptions about what motivates customers can sometimes be really misleading.

Take luxury clothing for example. You might assume that an important driver for people who buy luxury brands would be a desire to stand out from the crowd, but a recent study suggests the opposite may be true.

Researchers at the University of Missouri revealed that the style of the clothing is much more important than the brand name. People who buy luxury clothing want to look good, but they don’t want draw attention to themselves.

As result, these consumers are more likely to avoid big, obvious logos on clothing or distinctive brand names and would rather opt for lesser-known manufacturers to avoid conspicuous branding, the study found.

Insights like this into what makes it more likely that a potential customer becomes a real customer are gold for content marketers. As you learn more about what your target market likes and doesn’t like, you can quickly adjust your website, blog and social media content so that it’s a better fit.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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