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YouTube celebrates 1bn monthly users

YouTube has no doubt become a formidable force in the online domain over recent years – and new figures confirm just that.

The site is celebrating reaching one billion unique monthly users, which is a pretty big deal for the video sharing portal!

In fact, YouTube has released some pretty interesting figures relating to its success.

·         If YouTube were a country, it would be the third largest in the world after China and India.
·         Almost one out of every two internet users visits YouTube.
·         The site's monthly viewership is the equivalent to around ten audiences of the Super Bowl, which is widely regarded as one of the most watched events of the year.

Of course, YouTube has made a name for itself for a number of reasons over the years – it's no longer a place where people go to watch videos of animals doing stupid things, but a real source of information.

Everyone from global organisations to politicians is now using the site to post videos, which can be used to complement other original content.

Have you ever thought about linking to YouTube sources through the text on your website so users can locate extra information?

Ikea is one of the big brands leading the pack when it comes to making use of YouTube – last year, it launched a dedicated channel as part of its content marketing strategy.

As you would expect, the channel includes features such as how to put together flat-packed furniture, as well as design inspiration for rooms throughout the home and TV ads created by the company.

It just goes to show that YouTube has come a long way since it began life back in 2005 and its celebration of reaching one billion worldwide users is likely to be just one of many milestones.

Posted by Emma Furze