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YouTube comments section now more relevant

For businesses looking to engage with consumers and build up brand recognition through social media marketing, YouTube offers a free and easy way to post videos about their product or services.

Despite these obvious advantages, YouTube's comments section is often littered with heated debates between users, most of which are irrelevant to the content of the video.

To date, YouTube's comments section has shown a few of the most popular posts, and the remaining comments appear from the most recent onwards.

This week YouTube announced an update to its comments section. Now, the creator of the video can customise comments, and users can see what is relevant to them.

With these new changes, channel managers have complete control over the comments on their pages. They can block certain words, review comments before they have been posted, and auto-approve comments from trusted fans.

The other major change is that users see comments that are relevant to them. This includes posts from the person who uploaded the video, popular personalities on YouTube, and comments from their own friends on Google+.

However, it is still easy to start a discussion with other users, but now there is the option to do so publicly or privately.

The updated comments section is powered by social networking site Google+. Youtube is owned by Google, and these new updates could help Google+ gain popularity. 

These changes are good news for businesses who have included YouTube into their content marketing strategy. Businesses can now remove negative messages from their videos and can get better feedback from interested consumers.

YouTube is incredibly popular with Australian audiences, with 11.5 million unique Australian users a month, according to statistics released last month by

Posted by Dylan Brown