Content Services

Content Services

Content creation – the coalface of content marketing. You can fill your content plan with as many cool ideas as you like, but you know you’ve reached the hard part when it’s time to knuckle down and start creating.
Let’s answer some common queries, then look at the key types of content you’ll likely be making.

What does Content Creation usually involve?

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmark Survey, the top 5 Content Creation tactics used by its respondents were social media content (92%); website articles (87%); illustrations / photos (85%); email newsletters (84%); and video (78%).

A typical suite of content can include a combination of writing (blog articles, website copy, whitepapers etc); graphic design (thumbnail images, infographics, banners etc); and video (animations, website demos, video blogs etc).

How do I generate ideas for my Content Creation activity?

A common misconception with Content Creation is that not enough happens in your business to keep your blog or website regularly updated, never mind all your social media profiles and a regular email newsletter.

Whatever industry you operate in, no matter how niche, you can create, publish and promote content that drives your digital marketing campaigns. You just need to shake off the idea that your business has to be announcing new products or issuing daily media releases.

Content marketing is not about you. Instead it’s about the topics, themes and stories your target audience cares about. It’s a transactional relationship: you give them some interesting, useful content and they give you their attention.

Who should handle my Content Creation?

As content marketing accounts for an increasingly large share of digital marketing spend, a lot of brands are building internal resources to meet their Content Creation needs. When content marketing was operating on the periphery it would never make sense to hire full-time writers, designers, web developers or video producers.

But some brands are now generating more of their own content than a good-sized magazine, which means investing in a full-scale editorial set-up is the only way to meet the demand.

If you’re not quite there yet, you can bring in a specialist content marketing agency (happy to recommend one) to give you access to the broad range of skills you’ll need to develop and execute a consistent and compelling content marketing strategy.

Whichever option you go for, your Content Creation will be most effective if people across the business play an active role. That might mean having your sales reps pass on questions from their prospects or putting up frontline staff for interviews. Like any digital marketing, it needs buy-in from around the organisation.


Content Writing

Words. They’re slippery little things. However most content marketing campaigns start with some form of writing. So whether it’s for blog articles, email campaigns, social media posts or landing pages, you need access to people who can string them together. Read more.

Graphic Design

Having a talented graphic designer on your team gives you a whole range of options. Infographics, calls-to-action, custom-made thumbnails – creating your own will springboard you out of the stock photography zone, and help you communicate your message in the blink of an eye. Read more.


Everyone knows that Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Not everyone knows YouTube is number two. With the cost of video gear plummeting, content marketers have easy access to the biggest content hub on the web: YouTube boasts a billion users, and sees a mind-boggling hour of new video posted every second. Read more.

Website Design

Poorly designed websites are where great content goes to die. And a well-designed site is crucial to success. If you have control of how your site looks and how it works you have a much better chance of extracting maximum value from the content you create. Read more.

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