Project Management

Project Management

We have dedicated Project Managers at Castleford as well as Content Strategists. Usually Project Managers get involved in big-ticket items like website rebuilds or when clients are getting sophisticated editorial or video products. They make life a lot easier for everyone involved.

In most cases though, you’ll need your Content Strategist to handle your project management work. Here are some frequently asked questions about project management to give you some ideas of what that might involve:

Do I need a Project Manager and a Content Strategist?

If you’ve got a big in-house team and a sizeable budget at your disposal you might be able to spring for a dedicated Project Manager. Do it if you can because content marketing consulting and managing content marketing projects are quite different skillsets and often suit different personality types.

If you have a Project Manager handling delivery and holding everyone to agreed timelines, your Content Strategist can get on with tweaking your content strategy and building in-depth performance reports. But, in most cases, you won’t have that luxury and you’ll need your Content Strategists to wear a few different hats, including that of Project Manager.

What project management tasks will my Content Strategist need to handle?

If you don’t have a dedicated Project Manager, the most important project management task for your Content Strategist will be coordinating the efforts of the various people working on your content marketing strategy.

You could be some kind of content marketing super-being who can build a strategy, churn out blogs, use InDesign and write code, but you won’t be able to do everything on your own. Even a small business will likely have multiple contributors and stakeholders.

Your Content Strategist will need to put on their project management hat and get all these people pulling in the same direction. Let’s say you’re trying to produce an infographic. You’ll need writers for the brief and the supporting blog posts; graphic designers to do the storyboard, outline and creative work; and social media specialists to promote it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Most important of all, you need all these people delivering their bits at the right time so that your final product can meet your agreed deadline. Your Content Strategist is the person who will make that happen.