Why Castleford

Why Castleford

At Castleford we have extensive, first-hand experience of creating and implementing content marketing strategies for a diverse range of clients. Regardless of your size, budget, industry or marketing savvy we can create a tailored package that works for you.

In-house Production

We have a strong preference for building our own full-time teams to do everything from writing editorial content to rebuilding websites. That in-house approach means everything is under one roof (or three actually as we’re in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland) and under our control.

Unit Pricing

We provide our service on flexible subscription agreements with all of our work priced in transferable units. This means that both new and existing clients can quickly benefit from new product rollouts; and as their needs and priorities change, we can change too. To ensure transparency around deliverables for our clients, we always try to charge based on output rather than input.

100+ customers

The scale of our customer base brings you several key advantages. With so many clients in so many industries across Australasia we’re able to divide our content creation teams into industry specialised desks. That means that unless you’re in a particularly niche space our writers and strategists are likely already familiar with your field, and up-to-date with your wider industry’s developments. Our commercial teams likewise come to you with prior knowledge of your broader challenges, and our strategists have a handle on what works – and what doesn’t – for your audience.

End-to-end service

Owning the content marketing process from go to go-live means we can keep a tight rein on deadlines – and take full ownership of the quality of what we deliver. It also means we can confidently offer a suite of services that encompasses content strategy, creation, analytics, and amplification across multiple types of products.

Google-certified strategists

It’s important that whoever takes point on your content marketing strategy is up to date with the latest tools, trends and technology. With all of our Strategists Google-certified you can be confident there’s a solid foundation for all the planning, analysis and reporting they do for you.

Custom technology

Another advantage of Castleford’s scale – and relationship with US and UK sister agencies – is our ability to build and maintain our own technology. In particular the custom Application-Programme Interface (API) we built with our associates at Brafton gives us a unique edge. By integrating with the back end of your site we’re able to post and modify content directly – with you in the loop via a simple email approval process – without needing access to whatever CMS you happen to use.

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